Working Porcess
Securities made Liquid

STOX provide end-to-end services, easy-to-use tools and an advanced proprietary platform for companies to tokenise and offer its securities

Working Porcess
Private Ethereum Blockchain

A permission-based, safe and compliant network for qualified participants. Transactions are immutable and stored privately on the blockchain.

Working Porcess
Fully Compliant

The STOX platform, services and compliance standard ensure tokenized securities comply with existing securities laws at issuance and on every trade, everywhere across the globe


Our Roadmap

Jan 2018

Project begins

Jun 2018

STOX soft launch

Sep 2018

Big data collection

Nov 2018

Other assets class

Jan 2019

STOX Mobile Platform

Jun 2019

List Tokens from partner

Dec 2019

Ready for retail


The Core Team

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Our Partners