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Multiply Hope For Those In Need

At iSTOX, we believe that wealth should be created meaningfully. This is why we partnered with Community Chest to provide a formalized avenue for our iSTOX community and supporters to support honourable causes. The funds raised will support causes such as: children with special needs, youth-at-risk, people with mental health conditions, vulnerable seniors and adults with disabilities.

100% of your donation goes to helping the disadvantaged, give meaningfully now.

Be sure to provide accurate details of full name, NRIC number when donating to Community Chest.

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Are my donations entitled to tax deductions?

As a general rule, all outright cash donations given by individuals or corporations to charities with tax deductible status will be entitled to tax deductions. Up till 31 December 2021, donors are entitled to 250% tax deduction for qualifying donations.

Is my online donation safe?

The Community Chest website is secure and ensures the use of the latest technology to encrypt all information during data transmission. To verify that the page requesting your credit card information is secure, the letters “https” rather than “http” should precede the page’s URL and/or there should be an unbroken key or padlock symbol located in the corner of the web browser. Click here for more.

Who am I donating my money to?

This landing page will bring you to the official Community Chest Donation page. Your Donation will go direct to Community Chest.

Disclaimer: ICHX Tech Pte. Ltd. (“iSTOX”) is a commercial entity. iSTOX does not receive any remuneration arising from the fund-raising appeal and all proceeds will go directly to Community Chest for charitable causes. Your donation will be made directly to Community Chest and not through iSTOX. You may reach out to Community Chest for queries on their programmes, the use of donated funds and any other matters (including tax deductions).
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