21st Century Investors Deserve a 21st Century Capital Markets Platform

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At iSTOX, we believe that emerging technologies like distributed ledgers (DLT) and smart contracts — combined with forward-looking regulation and innovative business models — will fundamentally reshape what investing means.

These developments will not only open entirely new kinds of opportunities to investors but also new ways of investing — both for those now active in financial markets as well as many who have been locked out of them.

What should investors expect of this new world?

Greater Access, Freedom And Flexibility

We believe that all investors can and should have the capacity to build and manage their portfolios with the same freedom and flexibility now available to the very wealthy. In addition to generating good returns, investors should be able to freely engage with industries, technologies and causes that fire their passions, provide them exposure to potentially transformative developments in technology and society, and allow them to improve the world around them.

We believe that access to opportunities like high-growth pre-IPO start-ups, exclusive hedge funds and Asian unicorns can and should be open to far, far more investors. While technological limitations and other barriers previously locked out all but the very wealthy and well-connected, the new advances that are starting to make themselves felt in financial markets will fundamentally change this equation. We believe the financial industry should embrace these changes.

We believe that DLT and smart contract technology will open new worlds of possibilities when it comes to how investing works. These possibilities will include but will certainly not be limited to assets that can be traded and owned in fractions for greater liquidity and access, including real assets like buildings, aircraft, wind farms and more. Investors deserve access to these innovations as well as others.

Greater Equality, Security And Fairness

We believe that a truly modern capital markets platform has a responsibility to provide the most equitable, transparent and secure service possible to its users.

In a DLT-enabled world, we believe this means giving buyers and sellers the ability to transact directly with each other, without having to go through brokers, investment banks or other intermediaries.

We believe that unreasonably high fees — especially transaction, placement, service and other fees levied simply because investors lack any other place to go — are inherently wrong.

Finally, we believe that all investors have the right to invest and trade within a well-known and respected regulated environment, whether they interact through distributed ledgers or via any other way.

A New Kind Of Platform

None of the capabilities and innovations mentioned above are science fiction. Each one can — and, we believe, should — be a reality for today’s investor.

We have built the iSTOX platform to do exactly that.

Singapore-based iSTOX is the world’s first integrated platform for digital securities. Regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), iSTOX uses proprietary technology to directly connect buyers and sellers. In so doing, iSTOX provides accredited investors with access to previously out-of-reach investment opportunities, including private equity, hedge funds, private debt and more.

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