Investment Update: iQuant Series I Fund Grows More Than 12% In Value Since Listing

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The iSTOX Investment Update is a regular series where we check in on past offerings now trading on our platform.

In today’s post, we bring you an update of iQuant Series I, a feeder into top-ranked global hedge fund Quantedge Global Fund. Driven by favourable market trends in commodities, equities, bonds and currencies, iQuant Series I’s overall Net Asset Value (NAV) grew more than 12% in June and July, the two months that followed its listing for secondary trading on iSTOX.

In a note to investors, Quantedge provided the following updates:


Market trends in recent months continued into June, with the rally in energy commodities going into its second month and many equity indices gaining despite persistently high market volatility. Bonds and the currency carry trade were roughly flat. Quantedge's gains in June were generated mainly from its equities holdings, with smaller positive contribution by each of the fund's main asset classes.


Major financial markets generally posted gains in July, with commodities (led by precious metals), equities and bonds all rallying. This set the backdrop for a strong month for Quantedge Global Fund, as we generated profits from our equity, bond, commodity and currency positions.

About Quantedge:

Named one of Bloomberg’s Top 5 Large Hedge Funds and winner of EurekaHedge’s Best Asian Billion Dollar Hedge Fund award, Quantedge is based in Singapore. After more than thirteen years in the markets, Quantedge delivered 23% net annualised returns in 2019, growing $1 invested at inception to more than S$15.

While it would normally cost an investor a minimum of US$1 million and a lock-in period of three years or five years to buy into a fund like Quantedge Global Fund, iSTOX provides access to investors for a fraction of that amount and without lock up.

iQUANT Series I Highlights:

· Issuer: ICHAM Master Fund VCC

· Target Return: 17% p.a.

· Status: Now trading on the iSTOX Exchange

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