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Why Raise Funds Through iSTOX?

Integrated Issuance And Trading
Our platform bridges the gap between issuance, custody, and trading
Access To More Investors
We connect issuers to a wider pool of investors across Asia and beyond
Low-Cost & Efficient
Built on proprietary distributed ledger technology (DLT), iSTOX increases the efficiency and reduces the costs of raising capital
Customizable Structures
Digitized securities can be customized to suit multiple structures, allowing new user-driven products to be offered to investors
Regulated In Singapore
iSTOX is the first regulated capital market platform in any major financial center to support the end-to-end issuance and trading of digitized securities

Raise Capital Via The Digitized Securities
That Best Suit Your Needs

Private Equity

iSTOX provides a path for companies like late-stage startups to raise funds through a variety of equity-linked products

Fixed-Income Instruments

iSTOX allows companies of all sizes to raise funds by tapping debt capital markets


iSTOX enhances fund manager's abilities to grow their AUM more quickly and efficiently compared with distribution channels currently available today

Real Asset Backed

iSTOX allows issuers to raise capital through collective investment schemes, collateralized debt, and other structures backed by a wide variety of otherwise illiquid assets, such as real estate

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The iSTOX Platform is established and operated by ICHX Tech Pte. Ltd. ('ICHX',)

ICHX is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore as a capital markets services licensee for dealing in capital markets products and providing custodial services, and a Recognised Market Operator.

Company Registration Number 201731973M

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